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Self Reflection | “Cutting Day”

I did it. I. Cut. My. Hair. Super short. I went in for a normal hair self-care ritual. The usual deep conditioning, steam cleaning, scalp massaging, and a trim. I've always dreaded trims because, in my experiences, more hair came off than I wanted. Snip. “Ok it’s not so bad,” I thought. Snip. “Breathe.” Snip. "Oh. My. God." I saw the hair falling in large clumps on my shoulder. I couldn’t help it. Just like I did when I was a little girl, I raised up so I could see in the mirror. I saw my hair and swallowed my gasps. I wanted to say, “What the hell are you doing!?!” but something caught my tongue. It was Divine Spirit for sure because when I opened my mouth and spoke, I confessed and told the truth. “I know my hair is damaged and I have major split ends. Cut it shorter.” Maybe I needed to slap my own self. What was I saying? As she cut more deeply, I saw much of my hair falling over me and I got a profound revelation. I knew all along that my hair was damaged. I knew all along that around the perimeter of my crown, hair had broken off due to wearing styles I had been prophetically warned not to get. I knew that just underneath my thick curls that everyone complimented me on, was a matted mess. What I had chosen to remain hidden, was also the very thing that was being unhealed. Until today. In the chair, I chose freedom. I chose to no longer hide beneath the “pretty” hair in an attempt to hold on to what was no longer serving my highest good and was a barrier to my new growth. This cutting away mirrors my own life. On my spiritual journey, I’ve had to make choices to cut away from people and places in order to evolve and become a healthier version of myself. When the cut was finished my “spiritual hair surgeon” revealed that she was praying for me and the beautiful crown of my head the whole time. This "Cutting Day" was indeed by God's perfect design. Two very important lessons I learned from this experience. 1. The more I deny and cover up, the deeper the cut during the healing process. 2. I must be prepared that at any time, life can shift and I must be able to shift along with it and make powerful choices moment by moment. This, Sunshines, is more than a hair story. It's a life story. 💋 #BeingWoman #NakedAndNecessary #SelfReflectionSunday #RealLifeCoaching 

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