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Heal What You've Hiding By Courageously Speaking Your Truth!

When are able to speak out loud what we are feeling, we are well on our way to healing. This called the Principle of ACKNOWLEDGMENT.


  • To admit that something is true;

  • To recognize and state the reality of what is happening;

  • To state the conscious awareness of that the something exists;

  • To recognize and state the reality or truth underlying the existence;

  • An expression of appreciation or recognition;

  • To embrace ownership of or relationship to the existence.

Acknowledgment is the verbal ownership of your truth, which includes what has happened and how you feel about what has happened. We cannot heal what we continue to hide. Without acknowledgment it becomes a challenge for you to step into your role as a creator to transform your life.

What hinders acknowledgement is denial. Denial of what happened and how you feel about it will keep you emotionally unwell and secrets are infections that slowly eat away at your being on all levels, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

When you acknowledge, it places you on a path to receive correction and your thoughts are brought into alignment with Divine Mind.

Acknowledgment the pre-requisite to all forward movement. It doesn't mean that you know what to do moving forward, or how you will accomplish moving moving forward. It is simply a declaration of the thing. It is your courageous act of coming out of hiding and honoring who you are and how you feel. By acknowledging a thing, it says to the Universe that you honor the presence, strength, and wisdom of the Divine Spirit within you to work on your behalf.

This week, take the time to focus on the principle of ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. In your journal write a list of every feeling you are are willing to acknowledge. Tell the gut-wrenching truth. The truth will move you along your healing journey. It will unclog your mind and create a space of hearing the guidance of your intuition.

Acknowledge, Beloved.

For one on one support to help you in moving forward let's connect here and have some sister time.



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