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You Have the Power Choose, and So Does Everyone Else.

Own: to acknowledge as one's own; recognize as having full claim, authority, power. We own our thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviors... We don’t own people. Not even our children. Yes, we are responsible for ✅ Providing structure, ✅ Creating healthy boundaries, ✅ Expressing and enforcing consequences when those boundaries are crossed, and ✅ Communicating effectively. However, everyone has the right and the power to choose. When we attempt to take away choices, that’s a form of bondage, manipulation, and control. You can only control yourself and 💚 how YOU be, 💚 what YOU think, 💚 what YOU say, and 💚 how YOU behave. Everyone in your life deserves this same space and grace. These are makings of creating healthy relationships. Love, Schan