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Faith Without Work is Just a Wish!

#SundaySoulWord #Faith: Assurance that the substance of what you perceive in the mind will manifest. In my life experiences, I have learned that assurance doesn’t absolve me from doing the work. Faith without the work is simply a wish! Take for example, if I have a coat to give to a cold man, but instead I say to him, "I have faith that you’ll be warm,” but do not give the coat necessary to keep him warm, what does it benefit? Not a damn thing. I realized that I used to live my life like that. I prayed and had faith that things would change, but I didn’t do anything to change. I left it up to something or someone outside of myself to “do the work” for me. ...and of course that didn’t work out well for me. No one or no thing came to do the work that I had the power to do for myself. Finally I realized... ✔️ I had to change my mindset. ✔️ I had to say NO to what fear wanted to say YES to. ✔️ I had to let go of people, places, and things that didn’t serve my highest good. ✔️ I had to take committed steps to complete what I said I wanted to accomplish. This is Faith IN ACTION. This is Faith BEING ALIVE. This is the kind of Faith that cooperates with creative law to manifest your desires. Beloveds, have faith AND do the damn work! It isn’t an “either/or.” It’s a “both/and.”

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