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You No Longer Have to Go Along to Get Along!

#SundaySoulWord #InnerAuthority - “Righful power; mastery; or dominion of thoughts, actions, and experiences;” “having authority” means being “inspired by Spirit within.” I’ve always been inspired by Spirit (my intuition). The issue was, I didn’t always follow the inspiration. Especially when it came to other people. I followed the need to be validated instead. Keep reading. Sometimes people would mistake my "No" for "Yes,” because although my gut was boldly screaming NO, it came out of my mouth sounding like "I’m not really sure.” Side note: When we are not sure of who we are and what we want, others will take advantage of that! 👉🏾 I ended up doing things that I really didn’t want to, 👉🏾 Resented the fact that I was doing it, 👉🏾 Upset that they didn’t realize I didn’t want to do it, 👉🏾 Mad because they even had the audacity to ask....AND 👉🏾 I did it all with a smile. Have you been there with me? Mad as hell on the inside, but pretending all is well, and that you’re blessed and highly favored on the outside? This only works but for so long. The truth COMES OUT as energy eventually. The energy stirred up by anger, resentment, fear and all the other toxic emotions, rears up and seeps out. Tapping into INNER AUTHORITY placed the power back into my hands. When I accepted that I was already authenticated by my creator, I no longer needed to seek validation, approval, justification or anything else from anyone else. I was able to let my NO be No and my YES be Yes without feeling “some type of way” about it. This is a level of Consciousness that we all can awaken to. When consciousness is grounded in Truth, (the truth that I Am an expression of God and a Co Creator of my life) I have inner authority and dominion over the affairs of my life. I am author of my experiences. I decided that I no longer desired nor required to go along to get along. Period. I feel so much better. Babe, know that you are already divinely stamped and approved. You have the inner permission (authority) to speak and stand in the truth and The Truth. There’s freedom in that alone. Sincerely, Schan

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