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The Law of Belief and How to Use it To Write and Manifest Your Intentions

Hey Sunshines,

I have this saying, “See it before you see it.” This means we must have and believe the mental picture in our minds to manifest it in our reality. This is also called the Law of Belief. This universal law is a part of the foundation to creating. No matter how desperately you desire something, if you don’t believe and feel you can have it, you never will. The Law of Belief also states that we don't believe what we see, we see what we already believe.

What are beliefs?

Believes are theories based on both factual and fictitious perspectives that were either taught to us by our parents, teachers or other authoritative figures, or what we made up ourselves from a personal experience.

Beliefs are usually based on perceptions and what we see in reality are usually through filters (hurts, triggers, unhealed emotional traumas).

When we become aware that we are manifesting more of what we don’t want, this is a good alert to self-check our beliefs. Behind those manifestations are usually negative core beliefs that many of us are still holding on to.

Some common negative core beliefs are:

  • I'm not good

  • I'm not good enough

  • I'm stupid

  • I'm dumb

  • I'm unworthy

  • I'm unloving

  • I'm undeserving

  • I'm unimportant

  • I'm unheard

All core beliefs are also attached to a feeling. An example of this would be desiring a loving relationship, yet believing you’re not good enough and you feel sad, depressed, or maybe even angry at the thought that it would happen for you, This will only produce what you believe and not what you want. This is true for our conscious awareness and our unconscious level of awareness. The Universe does not distinguish between these two planes. Whatever you believe, it takes you at your word. This is where our work lies. Doing the work required is to excavate and get to the root of self-limiting beliefs and how these beliefs influence and impact our lives by being the driving force of our choices and daily decisions. When we understand the Law of Belief in this way, we can use it to then speak our affirmations, write our intentions, and improve the quality of our lives.

Journaling Work:

Go to a place where you will be uninterrupted. Center yourself through meditation or practicing silence for at least 5 minutes. Then answer the following self-inquiry questions. Self inquiry brings you to a state of awareness that has the power to lead you toward healing.

Bring to mind something that you truly desire. It could be a relationship, a dream job, to become a best selling author, or whatever you want.

  1. Repeat and complete: The negative core belief I hold about myself now is _______________________.

  2. Repeat and complete: What I am now ready and willing to do in order to move forward is _______.

  3. Repeat and complete: My new belief is _________________________.

  4. Write an affirmation that you can repeat to yourself daily to raise your vibration and to become a match to what you desire.

While these self inquiry questions won’t manifest what you want immediately, it now makes you aware of what you’ve been holding on to and what is now up for healing and releasing. When we come into this awareness, we can write our intentions from a much more powerful place.

Remember that the Law of Belief works with both a mental visualization and your feeling towards it. Think of feeling in terms of the energy you hold. Setting CLEAR and MEASURABLE intentions aligns our consciousness to attract what we declare, while moving our minds beyond self limiting thoughts and beliefs. They energize us and hold us accountable.

Here's an example of an OK intention:

It is my intention to divine message and look at myself for answers.

Here's a MORE POWERFUL intention:

It is my clear and heartfelt intention to be open to receive all energetic messages and be willing to look at Self for the answers so that I experience a deeper spiritual connection and express peace and authenticity in the world.

With you new beliefs, practice writing out your intentions. Don't forget the feeling and what you want to experience. This is all a part of your mental picture...the one you want to manifest!

Here's to being intentional, Beloveds!

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See you next week for another empowering blog post!


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