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What is Purpose?

The word PURPOSE is derived from - the English word "purpos" - the Anglo-French word "purposer" which means intend, and - the Latin word "proponere" which mean to propose.

When we were created, it was with a purpose. We are INTENDED to DO SOMETHING. There are many ways that leads to our discovery of our purpose/calling.

In the book, The Entrepreneur Blueprint, the author speaks about the formula, Pain + Passion = Purpose (What and Why). How often have heard songwriters or poets say that their BEST lyrics comes from a painful situation. Even if we have never heard them say it, we can not only hear it, but also FEEL it when the lyrics are sung or spoken. Many of those lyrics go on to win awards and accolades.

We can take the worst of WHAT happens to us and share it in such a way that others will be able to LEARN, GROW, and BE EMPOWERED (Why). Your why should never be primarily money motivating. When you begin to transform your pain, mold it with your passion, your purpose will "make room for you" meaning, money will come.

Here are some example:

If you've survived domestic abuse, how did you TRANSFORM that?

If you've overcome a mental or physical disability, how did you TRANSFORM that?

If you've pushed through the loneliness of being single, how did you TRANSFORM that?

If you've lost weight and gotten in shape, how did you TRANSFORM that?

Think about your own transformation. REALLY think about. How did you do it?

Remember, when writing your brand story, which is ultimately the story of YOU, be authentic and connect with the feelings of your audience.

You have PURPOSE!


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