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A Ritual for Setting New Intentions and Shedding Old Ways

This Shaman ritual, which is an indigenous, ancient practice, has raised my vibration and elevated my consciousness during my own spiritual journey. This ritual is especially good to incorporate while we are moving towards the Black Moon tonight. A RITUAL FOR SETTING NEW INTENTIONS AND SHEDDING OLD WAYS To be created and practiced on the new moon or full moon. GATHER Candle/matches 6 items from nature (flowers, stones, crystals, etc) 2 separate pieces of paper/pen Sage stick/Palo Santo/dried herbs of your choice Any personal altar items that align with your intention Access to fireplace or outdoor fire- optional FIND A QUIET PLACE Find a quiet place inside or in nature where you can be comfortable. Begin to calm your body with deep breaths and bring awareness to your intention for your ritual. (Eg. Peace, love, balance, letting go.) BUILD AN ALTAR Begin to build your altar, place your candle in the centre and place your nature items in the 4 cardinal directions, one below for mother earth and above for sun/stars/moon, place anything else of significance your altar. SMUDGE Smudge yourself with sage or palo santo for purifying your whole self by fanning the smoke over the front and back body and over your altar. CALL IN THE DIRECTIONS Call in sacred space and honor the directions South, for letting go and being in the flow of your life West, for facing fear with love(/video/west-yoga-courageous-yogi) North, for living in joy and in connection to our ancestors East, for leading and living from our hearts Mother Earth, for grounding, creation and abundance Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and the Stars, for our reverence to the spirit world. MEDITATE Sit in meditation for some time again to connect with your breath and your soft receptive nature. Notice parts within you that may need to be released. This could be in your physical body, in your emotions or in your mind. What no longer serves you in your life? WRITE Write on a single piece of paper all the things that no longer serve you in your life and what you are ready and willing to let go of. Then roll up the paper and wrap it with string. Blow your pure intentions of letting these things go 3 times into your rolled up paper and place on your altar. HONOR YOURSELF Sit again in meditation honoring your whole, connected and vibrant self. Repeat out loud 3 times “ I am whole, I am open, I am love.” Bring awareness to what you are ready to invite into your life. Take time to imagine or see yourself living this invitation. WRITE AN INVITATION Write on the other paper what you are now inviting into your life. Using I am and I statements are powerful. Blow 3 long slow breaths into your invitations and place on your altar. OBSERVE Sit once again in silence and observe how you feel, any sensation or images that come to you know. Stay soft, open and receptive. With great attention take your rolled up papers or your “spirit arrows” and honor the work you have done today to let go of old ways and welcome in the new. If you have access to a fire you can burn your spirit arrows, if not, feel free to release them in any way that feels right. CLOSE THE SACRED SPACE Close up your sacred space by honoring the 4 directions, Mother Earth and the stars, sun and moon. It may feel right to honor your ancestors, spirit guides, family and teachers; consider speaking your thanks aloud. Thank yourself for being the open luminous vessel of light and love that you are. Journal about your ritual if you are inspired or share your experience with a friend or loved one. **Ritual courtesy of