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Breathe. It Will Save Your Life!

I spent many years breathing just enough to not die. Sad = Shallow breaths Angry = Shallow breaths Disappointed = Shallow breaths Any Upset = More shallow breaths That was until I learned how to fully breathe and feel the life flowing through my nose and throughout my body. Oftentimes in life, we forget to breathe; the kind of breathing that will calm us, center us, and give us some clarity in the storm. A tool I teach my tribe is mindful breathing. Pausing to take deep breaths, recalibrating ourselves, refusing to become a victim of the confusion and chaos around us. We don't have to go through life taking small gasps of air, allowing poisonous pressure to build up within us. The necessary pauses prevents the explosions that could happen later. Without the pause, you are headed in a direction of surrendering your power. When was the last time you paused and took a deep breath? This practice can save your life! Love, Schan 

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